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Marc R. Dicay

Ben and Myra Garcia

Benn Adriatico

Luz Hammer

Jennifer Stilling

Filipino Association of Denmark

This collection includes letters to members, memorandums, newsletters and programs from Christmas parties and Independence Day etc.. You can click and download pdf files. Some years and issues are MISSING or INCOMPLETE - if you have them, please contact archive administrator: trige@lynxtext.dk


Do you have materials you want included in the archive?

There is no such thing as "just old papers". The association newsletters, party programs, work contracts, letters, photographs etc. from the lives of Filipinos in Denmark are part of both your individual and collective history.


Many have already donated materials or lend them for digitalization, and the archive consists of contributions from individuals as well as associations such as Filipino Association of Denmark,

Filipino House, Babaylan and many more. Names of individual contributors will be mentioned as their materials are uploaded.

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