Book launch gallery

Book launch gallery 2019

The book Labor Pioneers is going to be launched several places in the world during 2019. The first official launch took place in Copenhagen June 11, 2019, at gallery Meter, with attendance of Filipinas/os in Denmark, trade unionists, and embassy representatives from both Manila and Copenhagen.

Copenhagen book launch June 11, 2019, gallery Meter. Top: Peter Naidas (pioneer descendant) introducing author Nina Trige Andersen. Middle: Christina Santos Madsen (from The 49'ers) speaking about what the book means to her. Right: Wesley Valdez (pioneer descendant) reading the book outside. Credit: Louise Lassen Iversen/Gallery Meter


Book signing for Karen, newcomer from the Philippines; Wesley Valdez, Peter Naidas and Rod Robles hanging out outside the gallery; Ruth Theil - Filipina labor organizer at Copenhagen hotels - reading the book; Letty Valencia and Christina Santos Madsen from The 49ers talking; Violeta Jensen (in purple), also Filipina labor organizer at Copenhagen hotels. Credit: Michelle Silke Hauptmann.